Work Items


by ses4j
Mar 29, 2010
6:11 PM

Being evaluated

Fixed /prop commandline argument not working.
Added support for namespaces in XPath expressions
Added ability for Set to pull its 'value' from a file/xpath (in addition to a property).
Added ability for Set to set attributes' values instead of just elements.
Added SetIfFound instruction, which doesn't require that the source file specifies a property and if it doesn't, ignores it.
Added "global" properties, so that if a property is accessed without the property prefix (like just $(UserName), then any property is returned. If a property is set by more than one source, the priority is: cmdline is highest override, then env, then builtin only if the others didn't set the property. This allows config files that support commandline overrides of other vars.

I also added a post-build event call to ILMerge which requires a download from Microsoft but creates a single .exe to run so you don't have to mess with DLLs.


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